JA3 Work Package 1 – Network Coordination

JA3 Work Package 1 – Network Coordination


  • To provide scientific and technical coordination support for European collaboration activities in HTA to the integration of those activities in the whole life-cycle of technologies, which lead to the development of a final sustainable model for the scientific and technical mechanism of a permanent cooperation in HTA.
  • To provide coordination support to the network and the Joint Action 3 activities that increase the use, quality and efficiency of joint HTA work at the European level to support evidence-based, sustainable and equitable choices in healthcare and health technologies, and to ensure re-use in regional and national HTA reports and activities, notably in order to avoid duplication of assessments.



  • Sustainable model for the scientific and technical mechanism of a permanent European cooperation on HTA.
  • Work plan for continuous interaction between regulators (EMA) and European scientific and technical cooperation (JA3)
  • SOP manual and 4-year work plan.
  • JA3 interim and final reports.
  • Final version of the metric tool to monitor and provide feedback on the use and uptake of national implementation of joint products.
  • Work plan for continued interaction post-2020 between regulators (EMA) and the Joint Action 3.
  • Sustainable model for European cooperation: Final Implementation Report.
  • Network infrastructure and technical support for collaborative work.
  • Final report from the Joint Action 3 (technical and financial).



  • EUnetHTA Joint Action 3 kick-off meeting. Initial meeting of EUnetHTA Joint Action 3 with the participants of the Member States and stakeholder representatives.
  • Start of the EUnetHTA Joint Action 3 liaison Committee.
  • Work plan for interaction with regulators in Joint Action 3.
  • EUnetHTA Assembly and Forum meetings.
  • EUnetHTA Symposium (including presentations of sustainable model definition).
  • Final proposal for collaboration with regulators in a sustainable network.
  • Definition of a sustainable model for a sustainable mechanism for permanent European cooperation on HTA.
  • Joint Action 3 Final Report.
  • SOPs (management/governance, procedure & forms) endorsed by the Executive Board.



Lead Partner


National Health Care Institute
(Zorginstituut Nederland)

Eekholt 4

NL-112XH Diemen




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