D6.2/3 Template Briefing Book/Template JSC Report


This EUnetHTA 21 deliverable (D6.2/3) focusses on templates for Briefing Book and JSC Report.

The objectives of deliverable D6.2 are to:

  • Update briefing book for parallel advice with EMA.
  • Review and update templates for application form, applicants response to List of Issues and others.

The objectives of deliverable D6.3 are to:

  • Update JSC report for written recommendation.

The public consultation for this specific deliverable is foreseen to take place in the period between 01-08-2023 and 31-08-2023. 

For any questions regarding this deliverable, please contact EUnetHTA21-JSC@g-ba.de

Below you can find the published documentation:

D6.2/3 Template Briefing Book/ Template JSC Report – Project Plan