D4.3 Comparators and Comparisons


This EUnetHTA 21 deliverable (D4.3) focusses on the methods for treatment comparisons. The objective of this deliverable is to:

  • Produce a practical guideline (D4.3.1) on how to deal in practice with indirect comparisons in reports (and which data/documents should then be requested from the HTD).
  • Update of existing EUnetHTA guideline (D4.3.2) “Comparators & Comparisons: Direct and indirect comparisons”.
  • Check the existing EUnetHTA SOPs for consistency with the practical guideline and the updated EUnetHTA guideline on indirect comparisons; updates will be considered (D4.3.3)*.

Please note that SOPs are considered internal documents and therefore will not be made publicly available.  

The public consultation for D4.3.1 Comparators and comparisons is foreseen to take place in the period between 01-08-2022 and 30-08-2022. 

D4.3.2 on methodological guideline for comparators and comparisons is closed.

Below you can find the published documentation: 

D4.3 Comparators and Comparisons – Project Plan

For any questions regarding this deliverable, please contact JCA_Secretariat@zinl.nl